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Are you looking for a number that starts with 914? Start your search by entering the complete phone number above. Popular cities in this area code include Mount Kisco, Ossining, Mount Vernon and Pleasantville.

Area Code 914 Listing - (NY)

Caller Number Caller Area Phone List
914-204Poughkeepsie, NYView
914-208Ossining, NYView
914-209Mount Kisco, NYView
914-210Chappaqua, NYView
914-213Newburgh, NYView
914-214Yorktown Heights, NYView
914-215Mount Kisco, NYView
914-218Mount Kisco, NYView
914-221Peekskill, NYView
914-223Ossining, NYView
914-228Katonah, NYView
914-232Katonah, NYView
914-236Ossining, NYView
914-238Chappaqua, NYView
914-239Pleasantville, NYView
914-241Mount Kisco, NYView
914-242Mount Kisco, NYView
914-244Mount Kisco, NYView
914-245Yorktown Heights, NYView
914-256Mahopac, NYView
914-257Peekskill, NYView
914-264Spring Valley, NYView
914-266Chappaqua, NYView
914-271Croton On Hudson, NYView
914-276Croton Falls, NYView
914-277Croton Falls, NYView
914-283Middletown, NYView
914-293Peekskill, NYView
914-296Pound Ridge, NYView
914-297Mount Vernon, NYView
914-299Mount Kisco, NYView
914-301Katonah, NYView
914-302Yorktown Heights, NYView
914-314Mount Kisco, NYView
914-326Pleasantville, NYView
914-334Mount Kisco, NYView
914-340Chappaqua, NYView
914-342Croton Falls, NYView
914-344Katonah, NYView
914-352Yorktown Heights, NYView
914-353Croton On Hudson, NYView
914-354Mount Kisco, NYView
914-362Mount Kisco, NYView
914-363Mount Vernon, NYView
914-371Mount Vernon, NYView
914-373Ossining, NYView
914-382Peekskill, NYView
914-388Kingston, NYView
914-389Kingston, NYView
914-399Kingston, NYView
914-401Katonah, NYView
914-402Peekskill, NYView
914-404Mount Kisco, NYView
914-432Ossining, NYView
914-434Mount Kisco, NYView
914-440Yorktown Heights, NYView
914-443Middletown, NYView
914-444Ossining, NYView
914-449Pleasantville, NYView
914-453Poughkeepsie, NYView
914-455Yorktown Heights, NYView
914-456Poughkeepsie, NYView
914-458Chappaqua, NYView
914-459Mount Vernon, NYView
914-464Poughkeepsie, NYView
914-465Mount Vernon, NYView
914-466Kingston, NYView
914-471Mount Kisco, NYView
914-474Poughkeepsie, NYView
914-475Poughkeepsie, NYView
914-482Mahopac, NYView
914-483Mahopac, NYView
914-485North Salem, NYView
914-486Mount Kisco, NYView
914-487Ossining, NYView
914-488Ossining, NYView
914-489Poughkeepsie, NYView
914-495Pleasantville, NYView
914-502Ossining, NYView
914-503Poughkeepsie, NYView
914-514Mount Kisco, NYView
914-519Mahopac, NYView
914-520Mount Vernon, NYView
914-527Nanuet, NYView
914-530Mount Vernon, NYView
914-532Ossining, NYView
914-534North Salem, NYView
914-541Newburgh, NYView
914-542Newburgh, NYView
914-549Mount Kisco, NYView
914-579Pleasantville, NYView
914-585Mount Vernon, NYView
914-602Mount Kisco, NYView
914-617Croton Falls, NYView
914-621Mahopac, NYView
914-628Mahopac, NYView
914-661Nyack, NYView
914-662Mount Vernon, NYView
914-663Mount Vernon, NYView
914-664Mount Vernon, NYView
914-665Mount Vernon, NYView
914-666Mount Kisco, NYView
914-667Mount Vernon, NYView
914-668Mount Vernon, NYView
914-669North Salem, NYView
914-689Mount Kisco, NYView
914-699Mount Vernon, NYView
914-706Kingston, NYView
914-733Mount Kisco, NYView
914-734Peekskill, NYView
914-736Peekskill, NYView
914-737Peekskill, NYView
914-739Peekskill, NYView
914-741Pleasantville, NYView
914-742Pleasantville, NYView
914-745Pleasantville, NYView
914-747Pleasantville, NYView
914-749Pleasantville, NYView
914-752Mount Kisco, NYView
914-755Newburgh, NYView
914-762Ossining, NYView
914-763South Salem, NYView
914-764Pound Ridge, NYView
914-766Croton Falls, NYView
914-767Katonah, NYView
914-769Pleasantville, NYView
914-773Pleasantville, NYView
914-788Peekskill, NYView
914-797Monticello, NYView
914-799Monticello, NYView
914-800Ossining, NYView
914-801Pleasantville, NYView
914-805Newburgh, NYView
914-809Pound Ridge, NYView
914-810Croton On Hudson, NYView
914-817Mount Kisco, NYView
914-827Croton On Hudson, NYView
914-840Mount Vernon, NYView
914-842Peekskill, NYView
914-850Middletown, NYView
914-861Chappaqua, NYView
914-862Croton On Hudson, NYView
914-863Mount Vernon, NYView
914-864Mount Kisco, NYView
914-866Monticello, NYView
914-870Ossining, NYView
914-875South Salem, NYView
914-891Peekskill, NYView
914-906Spring Valley, NYView
914-918Mount Kisco, NYView
914-919Pleasantville, NYView
914-923Ossining, NYView
914-930Peekskill, NYView
914-941Ossining, NYView
914-944Ossining, NYView
914-945Ossining, NYView
914-962Yorktown Heights, NYView
914-977South Salem, NYView
914-978Middletown, NYView
914-984Pleasantville, NYView
914-987Ossining, NYView