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Are you looking for a number that starts with 848? Start your search by entering the complete phone number above. Popular cities in this area code include New Brunswick, Toms River, Metuchen and Freehold.

Area Code 848 Listing - (NJ)

Caller Number Caller Area Phone List
848-200Metuchen, NJView
848-202New Brunswick, NJView
848-203Perth Amboy, NJView
848-204Woodbridge, NJView
848-205Metuchen, NJView
848-206Farmingdale, NJView
848-207Freehold, NJView
848-208Eatontown, NJView
848-209New Brunswick, NJView
848-210Toms River, NJView
848-212Woodbridge, NJView
848-213Monmouth Junction, NJView
848-214Deal, NJView
848-217Asbury Park, NJView
848-218Middletown, NJView
848-219Metuchen, NJView
848-220Belmar, NJView
848-221Toms River, NJView
848-222Lakewood, NJView
848-223Toms River, NJView
848-224Toms River, NJView
848-225Middletown, NJView
848-226Toms River, NJView
848-227Lakehurst, NJView
848-228New Brunswick, NJView
848-229Metuchen, NJView
848-230New Brunswick, NJView
848-231Freehold, NJView
848-233Englishtown, NJView
848-234Freehold, NJView
848-235Rahway, NJView
848-236Rahway, NJView
848-237New Brunswick, NJView
848-238Toms River, NJView
848-239New Brunswick, NJView
848-240Toms River, NJView
848-242Perth Amboy, NJView
848-243Keansburg, NJView
848-244Metuchen, NJView
848-245Lakewood, NJView
848-246Belmar, NJView
848-247Metuchen, NJView
848-248Metuchen, NJView
848-249Farmingdale, NJView
848-250Woodbridge, NJView
848-251Toms River, NJView
848-252New Brunswick, NJView
848-254Middletown, NJView
848-256Metuchen, NJView
848-257Eatontown, NJView
848-260Metuchen, NJView
848-261Lakewood, NJView
848-263New Brunswick, NJView
848-267New Brunswick, NJView
848-269New Brunswick, NJView
848-277Seaside Park, NJView
848-299Lakewood, NJView
848-300Atlantic Highlands, NJView
848-303Long Branch, NJView
848-333Toms River, NJView
848-373Lakewood, NJView
848-391New Brunswick, NJView
848-404Belmar, NJView
848-444Freehold, NJView
848-445New Brunswick, NJView
848-448Toms River, NJView
848-456Eatontown, NJView
848-459Freehold, NJView
848-466Red Bank, NJView
848-467Rahway, NJView
848-468Matawan, NJView
848-469Spring Lake, NJView
848-480Toms River, NJView
848-482Freehold, NJView
848-525Lakewood, NJView
848-565New Brunswick, NJView
848-575Dunellen, NJView
848-628Rahway, NJView
848-666Rahway, NJView
848-667Monmouth Junction, NJView
848-702Bound Brook, NJView
848-757Atlantic Highlands, NJView
848-777Deal, NJView
848-863Freehold, NJView
848-888Long Branch, NJView
848-932New Brunswick, NJView
848-976New Brunswick, NJView
848-992Toms River, NJView
848-994Asbury Park, NJView
848-999Woodbridge, NJView