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Are you looking for a number that starts with 518? Start your search by entering the complete phone number above. Popular cities in this area code include Albany, Schenectady, Glens Falls and Troy.

Area Code 518 Listing - (NY)

Caller Number Caller Area Phone List
518-200Plattsburgh, NYView
518-201Paul Smiths, NYView
518-203Troy, NYView
518-204Mooers, NYView
518-205Hoosick Falls, NYView
518-206Rouses Point, NYView
518-207Albany, NYView
518-208Champlain, NYView
518-209Albany, NYView
518-210Albany, NYView
518-212Amsterdam, NYView
518-214Rotterdam Junction, NYView
518-215Chazy, NYView
518-216Crown Point, NYView
518-217Elizabethtown, NYView
518-219Plattsburgh, NYView
518-221Albany, NYView
518-222Glens Falls, NYView
518-223Glens Falls, NYView
518-224Gloversville, NYView
518-225Albany, NYView
518-226Saratoga Springs, NYView
518-227Albany, NYView
518-229Albany, NYView
518-231Central Bridge, NYView
518-232Glens Falls, NYView
518-233Troy, NYView
518-234Cobleskill, NYView
518-235Troy, NYView
518-236Mooers, NYView
518-237Troy, NYView
518-238Troy, NYView
518-239Oak Hill, NYView
518-240Bolton Landing, NYView
518-241Lake Placid, NYView
518-242Albany, NYView
518-243Schenectady, NYView
518-244Troy, NYView
518-245Saratoga Springs, NYView
518-246Amsterdam, NYView
518-247Plattsburgh, NYView
518-248Albany, NYView
518-249Hudson, NYView
518-251North Creek, NYView
518-252Cambridge, NYView
518-253Albany, NYView
518-254Cobleskill, NYView
518-255Cobleskill, NYView
518-256Albany, NYView
518-257Albany, NYView
518-258Albany, NYView
518-259Albany, NYView
518-260Glens Falls, NYView
518-261Oak Hill, NYView
518-262Albany, NYView
518-263Hunter, NYView
518-264Albany, NYView
518-265Albany, NYView
518-266Troy, NYView
518-267Hudson, NYView
518-268Troy, NYView
518-269Albany, NYView
518-270Troy, NYView
518-271Troy, NYView
518-272Troy, NYView
518-273Troy, NYView
518-274Troy, NYView
518-275Albany, NYView
518-276Troy, NYView
518-277Malone, NYView
518-279Troy, NYView
518-280Schenectady, NYView
518-281Albany, NYView
518-282Hampton, NYView
518-283Troy, NYView
518-284Sharon Springs, NYView
518-285Troy, NYView
518-286Troy, NYView
518-287Summit, NYView
518-288Ballston Spa, NYView
518-289Round Lake, NYView
518-290Saratoga Springs, NYView
518-291Catskill, NYView
518-292Albany, NYView
518-293Saranac, NYView
518-294Richmondville, NYView
518-295Middleburgh, NYView
518-297Rouses Point, NYView
518-298Champlain, NYView
518-299Prattsville, NYView
518-300Albany, NYView
518-301Albany, NYView
518-302Lake Placid, NYView
518-303Catskill, NYView
518-304Saranac Lake, NYView
518-305Ballston Spa, NYView
518-306Saratoga Springs, NYView
518-307Glens Falls, NYView
518-308Troy, NYView
518-309Ballston Spa, NYView
518-310Plattsburgh, NYView
518-312Albany, NYView
518-314Plattsburgh, NYView
518-316Saratoga Springs, NYView
518-317Malone, NYView
518-318Cairo, NYView
518-319Malone, NYView
518-320Albany, NYView
518-321Glens Falls, NYView
518-322Albany, NYView
518-323Saranac Lake, NYView
518-324Plattsburgh, NYView
518-325Hillsdale, NYView
518-326Troy, NYView
518-327Paul Smiths, NYView
518-328Troy, NYView
518-329Copake, NYView
518-330Albany, NYView
518-331Albany, NYView
518-332Gloversville, NYView
518-333Fort Covington, NYView
518-335Plattsburgh, NYView
518-337Albany, NYView
518-338Glens Falls, NYView
518-339Albany, NYView
518-340Albany, NYView
518-341Schenectady, NYView
518-342Schenectady, NYView
518-343Albany, NYView
518-344Schenectady, NYView
518-345Granville, NYView
518-346Schenectady, NYView
518-347Schenectady, NYView
518-348Schenectady, NYView
518-349Albany, NYView
518-350Saratoga Springs, NYView
518-351Schroon Lake, NYView
518-352Blue Mountain Lake, NYView
518-353Malone, NYView
518-354Saranac Lake, NYView
518-355Schenectady, NYView
518-356Schenectady, NYView
518-357Schenectady, NYView
518-358Fort Covington, NYView
518-359Tupper Lake, NYView
518-360Albany, NYView
518-361Glens Falls, NYView
518-363Ballston Spa, NYView
518-364Albany, NYView
518-365Albany, NYView
518-366Albany, NYView
518-367Albany, NYView
518-368Albany, NYView
518-369Albany, NYView
518-370Schenectady, NYView
518-371Schenectady, NYView
518-372Schenectady, NYView
518-373Schenectady, NYView
518-374Schenectady, NYView
518-375Albany, NYView
518-376Albany, NYView
518-377Schenectady, NYView
518-378Albany, NYView
518-379Schenectady, NYView
518-380Albany, NYView
518-381Schenectady, NYView
518-382Schenectady, NYView
518-383Schenectady, NYView
518-384Schenectady, NYView
518-385Schenectady, NYView
518-386Schenectady, NYView
518-387Schenectady, NYView
518-388Schenectady, NYView
518-390Albany, NYView
518-391Albany, NYView
518-392Chatham, NYView
518-393Schenectady, NYView
518-394Amsterdam, NYView
518-395Schenectady, NYView
518-396Albany, NYView
518-397Chatham, NYView
518-398Pine Plains, NYView
518-399Schenectady, NYView
518-400Round Lake, NYView
518-401Glens Falls, NYView
518-402Albany, NYView
518-403Lake Luzerne, NYView
518-404Malone, NYView
518-405Plattsburgh, NYView
518-407Albany, NYView
518-408Albany, NYView
518-409Glens Falls, NYView
518-410Albany, NYView
518-412Elizabethtown, NYView
518-413Bolton Landing, NYView
518-414Albany, NYView
518-415Glens Falls, NYView
518-416Albany, NYView
518-417Albany, NYView
518-418Lake Placid, NYView
518-419Albany, NYView
518-420Plattsburgh, NYView
518-421Albany, NYView
518-422Albany, NYView
518-423Albany, NYView
518-424Albany, NYView
518-425Brainardsville, NYView
518-426Albany, NYView
518-427Albany, NYView
518-428Albany, NYView
518-429Albany, NYView
518-430Saratoga Springs, NYView
518-431Albany, NYView
518-432Albany, NYView
518-433Albany, NYView
518-434Albany, NYView
518-435Albany, NYView
518-436Albany, NYView
518-437Albany, NYView
518-438Albany, NYView
518-439Albany, NYView
518-440Chatham, NYView
518-441Albany, NYView
518-442Albany, NYView
518-443Albany, NYView
518-444Athens, NYView
518-445Albany, NYView
518-446Albany, NYView
518-447Albany, NYView
518-448Gloversville, NYView
518-449Albany, NYView
518-450Saratoga Springs, NYView
518-451Albany, NYView
518-453Albany, NYView
518-454Albany, NYView
518-455Albany, NYView
518-457Albany, NYView
518-458Albany, NYView
518-459Albany, NYView
518-460Galway, NYView
518-461Albany, NYView
518-462Albany, NYView
518-463Albany, NYView
518-465Albany, NYView
518-466Albany, NYView
518-467Ellenburg Depot, NYView
518-468Greenfield Center, NYView
518-469Albany, NYView
518-470Albany, NYView
518-471Albany, NYView
518-472Albany, NYView
518-473Albany, NYView
518-474Albany, NYView
518-475Albany, NYView
518-476Albany, NYView
518-477Albany, NYView
518-478Albany, NYView
518-479Albany, NYView
518-480Glens Falls, NYView
518-481Malone, NYView
518-482Albany, NYView
518-483Malone, NYView
518-484Albany, NYView
518-485Albany, NYView
518-486Albany, NYView
518-487Albany, NYView
518-488Albany, NYView
518-489Albany, NYView
518-490Ballston Spa, NYView
518-491Albany, NYView
518-492Dannemora, NYView
518-493West Chazy, NYView
518-494Chestertown, NYView
518-495Albany, NYView
518-496Albany, NYView
518-497Chateaugay, NYView
518-499Whitehall, NYView
518-500Central Bridge, NYView
518-501South Bethlehem, NYView
518-502Glens Falls, NYView
518-503Ticonderoga, NYView
518-504Warrensburg, NYView
518-505Albany, NYView
518-506Albany, NYView
518-507Schuylerville, NYView
518-508Freehold, NYView
518-509Round Lake, NYView
518-512Albany, NYView
518-513Voorheesville, NYView
518-514Albany, NYView
518-515Crown Point, NYView
518-516Hampton, NYView
518-517Cobleskill, NYView
518-519Richmondville, NYView
518-520Palenville, NYView
518-521Malone, NYView
518-522Albany, NYView
518-523Lake Placid, NYView
518-524Lake Placid, NYView
518-525Albany, NYView
518-526Albany, NYView
518-527Albany, NYView
518-528Albany, NYView
518-529Moira, NYView
518-530Albany, NYView
518-531Greenwich, NYView
518-532Schroon Lake, NYView
518-533Albany, NYView
518-534Plattsburgh, NYView
518-535Delanson, NYView
518-536Plattsburgh, NYView
518-537Germantown, NYView
518-538Glens Falls, NYView
518-539Mechanicville, NYView
518-540Albany, NYView
518-541Mechanicville, NYView
518-542Albany, NYView
518-543Hague, NYView
518-544Summit, NYView
518-545Albany, NYView
518-546Port Henry, NYView
518-548Lake Pleasant, NYView
518-549Albany, NYView
518-551Peru, NYView
518-552Salem, NYView
518-553Valley Falls, NYView
518-554Tupper Lake, NYView
518-557Schenectady, NYView
518-558Ticonderoga, NYView
518-559Cambridge, NYView
518-560Albany, NYView
518-561Plattsburgh, NYView
518-562Plattsburgh, NYView
518-563Plattsburgh, NYView
518-564Plattsburgh, NYView
518-565Plattsburgh, NYView
518-566Plattsburgh, NYView
518-567Hudson, NYView
518-569Plattsburgh, NYView
518-570Plattsburgh, NYView
518-571Gloversville, NYView
518-572Plattsburgh, NYView
518-573Albany, NYView
518-574Plattsburgh, NYView
518-575Berlin, NYView
518-576Keene, NYView
518-577Albany, NYView
518-578Plattsburgh, NYView
518-579Schenectady, NYView
518-580Saratoga Springs, NYView
518-581Saratoga Springs, NYView
518-582Newcomb, NYView
518-583Saratoga Springs, NYView
518-584Saratoga Springs, NYView
518-585Ticonderoga, NYView
518-586Ticonderoga, NYView
518-587Saratoga Springs, NYView
518-588Albany, NYView
518-589Tannersville, NYView
518-590Troy, NYView
518-591Albany, NYView
518-592Millerton, NYView
518-593Plattsburgh, NYView
518-594Ellenburg Depot, NYView
518-595Altamont, NYView
518-596Albany, NYView
518-597Crown Point, NYView
518-598Albany, NYView
518-599Albany, NYView
518-600Saranac, NYView
518-601Mineville, NYView
518-602Ballston Spa, NYView
518-603Albany, NYView
518-604Caroga Lake, NYView
518-605Albany, NYView
518-606Albany, NYView
518-609Kattskill Bay, NYView
518-610Kinderhook, NYView
518-612Schenectady, NYView
518-613Mayfield, NYView
518-614Albany, NYView
518-615Glens Falls, NYView
518-616Albany, NYView
518-617Cairo, NYView
518-618Albany, NYView
518-619Saranac Lake, NYView
518-620Amsterdam, NYView
518-621Albany, NYView
518-622Cairo, NYView
518-623Warrensburg, NYView
518-624Long Lake, NYView
518-625Catskill, NYView
518-626Albany, NYView
518-627Amsterdam, NYView
518-628Hunter, NYView
518-629Troy, NYView
518-630Schenectady, NYView
518-631Schenectady, NYView
518-632Hartford, NYView
518-633Saratoga Springs, NYView
518-634Freehold, NYView
518-635South Bethlehem, NYView
518-636Glens Falls, NYView
518-637Lake Placid, NYView
518-638Argyle, NYView
518-639Fort Ann, NYView
518-641Albany, NYView
518-642Granville, NYView
518-643Peru, NYView
518-644Bolton Landing, NYView
518-645Plattsburgh, NYView
518-647Au Sable Forks, NYView
518-648Indian Lake, NYView
518-649Albany, NYView
518-650Albany, NYView
518-651Malone, NYView
518-652Mechanicville, NYView
518-653Hudson, NYView
518-654Corinth, NYView
518-655Voorheesville, NYView
518-656Kattskill Bay, NYView
518-657Cobleskill, NYView
518-658Berlin, NYView
518-659Hoosick Falls, NYView
518-660Hudson, NYView
518-661Mayfield, NYView
518-662Greenville, NYView
518-664Mechanicville, NYView
518-665Mechanicville, NYView
518-667Hartford, NYView
518-668Lake George, NYView
518-669Albany, NYView
518-670Mechanicville, NYView
518-671Hudson, NYView
518-672Philmont, NYView
518-673Canajoharie, NYView
518-674Averill Park, NYView
518-675Altamont, NYView
518-676Fort Ann, NYView
518-677Cambridge, NYView
518-678Palenville, NYView
518-679Coxsackie, NYView
518-681Glens Falls, NYView
518-682Saratoga Springs, NYView
518-683Glens Falls, NYView
518-684Amsterdam, NYView
518-685Lake George, NYView
518-686Hoosick Falls, NYView
518-687Troy, NYView
518-688Schenectady, NYView
518-689Albany, NYView
518-691Saratoga Springs, NYView
518-692Greenwich, NYView
518-693Saratoga Springs, NYView
518-694Albany, NYView
518-695Schuylerville, NYView
518-696Lake Luzerne, NYView
518-697Hudson, NYView
518-699Plattsburgh, NYView
518-701Albany, NYView
518-702Middleburgh, NYView
518-703Albany, NYView
518-704Albany, NYView
518-705Johnstown, NYView
518-706Johnstown, NYView
518-707Schenectady, NYView
518-708Albany, NYView
518-709Schenectady, NYView
518-710Hudson, NYView
518-712Averill Park, NYView
518-714Ballston Spa, NYView
518-715Galway, NYView
518-719Catskill, NYView
518-720Troy, NYView
518-721Claverack, NYView
518-722Oak Hill, NYView
518-723Schenectady, NYView
518-725Gloversville, NYView
518-726Plattsburgh, NYView
518-727Albany, NYView
518-728Albany, NYView
518-729Albany, NYView
518-730Albany, NYView
518-731Coxsackie, NYView
518-733Stephentown, NYView
518-734Windham, NYView
518-735Lyon Mountain, NYView
518-736Johnstown, NYView
518-737Stephentown, NYView
518-740Tannersville, NYView
518-741Glens Falls, NYView
518-742Glens Falls, NYView
518-743Glens Falls, NYView
518-744Glens Falls, NYView
518-745Glens Falls, NYView
518-746Glens Falls, NYView
518-747Glens Falls, NYView
518-748Glens Falls, NYView
518-749Averill Park, NYView
518-750Windham, NYView
518-751Hudson, NYView
518-752Gloversville, NYView
518-753Valley Falls, NYView
518-755Kinderhook, NYView
518-756Ravena, NYView
518-757Berne, NYView
518-758Kinderhook, NYView
518-759Whitehall, NYView
518-760Glens Falls, NYView
518-761Glens Falls, NYView
518-762Johnstown, NYView
518-763Albany, NYView
518-764Albany, NYView
518-765Voorheesville, NYView
518-766Nassau, NYView
518-767South Bethlehem, NYView
518-768Clarksville, NYView
518-769Glens Falls, NYView
518-770Amsterdam, NYView
518-771Pine Plains, NYView
518-772Albany, NYView
518-773Gloversville, NYView
518-774Gloversville, NYView
518-775Gloversville, NYView
518-776Albany, NYView
518-777Sharon Springs, NYView
518-778West Chazy, NYView
518-779Albany, NYView
518-781Canaan, NYView
518-784Kinderhook, NYView
518-787Ravena, NYView
518-788Albany, NYView
518-789Millerton, NYView
518-790Millerton, NYView
518-791Glens Falls, NYView
518-792Glens Falls, NYView
518-793Glens Falls, NYView
518-794West Lebanon, NYView
518-795Albany, NYView
518-796Glens Falls, NYView
518-797Westerlo, NYView
518-798Glens Falls, NYView
518-799Kinderhook, NYView
518-800Argyle, NYView
518-801Albany, NYView
518-802Plattsburgh, NYView
518-803Chestertown, NYView
518-804Glens Falls, NYView
518-805Troy, NYView
518-808Fort Ann, NYView
518-809Keene, NYView
518-810Albany, NYView
518-812Glens Falls, NYView
518-813Albany, NYView
518-814Albany, NYView
518-815Albany, NYView
518-816Albany, NYView
518-817Albany, NYView
518-818Albany, NYView
518-819Catskill, NYView
518-820Corinth, NYView
518-821Hudson, NYView
518-822Hudson, NYView
518-823Cobleskill, NYView
518-824Glens Falls, NYView
518-825Plattsburgh, NYView
518-827Middleburgh, NYView
518-828Hudson, NYView
518-829Tribes Hill, NYView
518-830Berne, NYView
518-831Schenectady, NYView
518-832Glens Falls, NYView
518-833Troy, NYView
518-834Keeseville, NYView
518-835Caroga Lake, NYView
518-836Schenectady, NYView
518-837Lake Placid, NYView
518-839Amsterdam, NYView
518-840Warrensburg, NYView
518-841Amsterdam, NYView
518-842Amsterdam, NYView
518-843Amsterdam, NYView
518-844Gloversville, NYView
518-846Chazy, NYView
518-847Schenectady, NYView
518-848Johnstown, NYView
518-849Dannemora, NYView
518-851Claverack, NYView
518-852Albany, NYView
518-853Fonda, NYView
518-854Salem, NYView
518-855Greenwich, NYView
518-857Albany, NYView
518-858Albany, NYView
518-859Albany, NYView
518-860Albany, NYView
518-861Altamont, NYView
518-863Northville, NYView
518-866Amsterdam, NYView
518-868Central Bridge, NYView
518-870Albany, NYView
518-871Saratoga Springs, NYView
518-872Berne, NYView
518-873Elizabethtown, NYView
518-874Troy, NYView
518-875Esperance, NYView
518-876Amsterdam, NYView
518-878Schenectady, NYView
518-879Saratoga Springs, NYView
518-880Troy, NYView
518-881Schenectady, NYView
518-882Galway, NYView
518-883Broadalbin, NYView
518-884Ballston Spa, NYView
518-885Ballston Spa, NYView
518-886Saratoga Springs, NYView
518-887Rotterdam Junction, NYView
518-888Albany, NYView
518-889Ballston Spa, NYView
518-890Albany, NYView
518-891Saranac Lake, NYView
518-892Troy, NYView
518-893Greenfield Center, NYView
518-894Albany, NYView
518-895Delanson, NYView
518-897Saranac Lake, NYView
518-898Albany, NYView
518-899Round Lake, NYView
518-900Clarksville, NYView
518-901Schenectady, NYView
518-902Schenectady, NYView
518-903Albany, NYView
518-904Kinderhook, NYView
518-905Fort Covington, NYView
518-906Altamont, NYView
518-907Plattsburgh, NYView
518-908Brainardsville, NYView
518-909Granville, NYView
518-912Albany, NYView
518-913Au Sable Forks, NYView
518-915Albany, NYView
518-916Greenville, NYView
518-918Albany, NYView
518-921Gloversville, NYView
518-923Saranac Lake, NYView
518-924Wells, NYView
518-925Albany, NYView
518-926Glens Falls, NYView
518-928Albany, NYView
518-929Kinderhook, NYView
518-930Schenectady, NYView
518-931Nassau, NYView
518-932Glens Falls, NYView
518-933Schuylerville, NYView
518-934Saratoga Springs, NYView
518-935Albany, NYView
518-936Westerlo, NYView
518-937Albany, NYView
518-938Chatham, NYView
518-939Copake, NYView
518-940Chateaugay, NYView
518-941Albany, NYView
518-942Mineville, NYView
518-943Catskill, NYView
518-944Albany, NYView
518-945Athens, NYView
518-946Wilmington, NYView
518-947Catskill, NYView
518-948Albany, NYView
518-949Albany, NYView
518-952Schenectady, NYView
518-953Troy, NYView
518-954Amsterdam, NYView
518-955Glens Falls, NYView
518-956Albany, NYView
518-957Plattsburgh, NYView
518-960Troy, NYView
518-961Troy, NYView
518-962Westport, NYView
518-963Willsboro, NYView
518-964Lake George, NYView
518-965Hudson, NYView
518-966Greenville, NYView
518-967Plattsburgh, NYView
518-968Saranac Lake, NYView
518-969Glens Falls, NYView
518-971Saranac Lake, NYView
518-972Prattsville, NYView
518-973Lake Placid, NYView
518-974Tupper Lake, NYView
518-975Keeseville, NYView
518-977Albany, NYView
518-980Fort Covington, NYView
518-981Willsboro, NYView
518-982Schenectady, NYView
518-983Willsboro, NYView
518-984Ticonderoga, NYView
518-986Schenectady, NYView
518-988Hillsdale, NYView
518-989Lexington, NYView
518-990Moira, NYView
518-991Hunter, NYView
518-992Albany, NYView
518-993Fort Plain, NYView
518-994Greenfield Center, NYView