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Are you looking for a number that starts with 442? Start your search by entering the complete phone number above. Popular cities in this area code include Oceanside, El Centro, Victorville and Escondido.

Area Code 442 Listing - (CA)

Caller Number Caller Area Phone List
442-200Calexico, CAView
442-201Lee Vining, CAView
442-202Brawley, CAView
442-203Bridgeport, CAView
442-204Vista, CAView
442-205Yucca Valley, CAView
442-206Imperial, CAView
442-207Fallbrook, CAView
442-208Calipatria, CAView
442-210Big Pine, CAView
442-212Palm Springs, CAView
442-214Twentynine Palms, CAView
442-215Indio, CAView
442-216Vista, CAView
442-217Valley Center, CAView
442-218Lake Isabella, CAView
442-219Victorville, CAView
442-220Mountain Pass, CAView
442-221Benton, CAView
442-222Oceanside, CAView
442-224Vista, CAView
442-225El Centro, CAView
442-226Brawley, CAView
442-227Palm Desert, CAView
442-228Bishop, CAView
442-229Victorville, CAView
442-230Brawley, CAView
442-231El Centro, CAView
442-232Oceanside, CAView
442-234Palm Springs, CAView
442-235Barstow, CAView
442-236El Centro, CAView
442-237Escondido, CAView
442-238El Centro, CAView
442-239Death Valley, CAView
442-240Death Valley, CAView
442-241Indio, CAView
442-242Victorville, CAView
442-243Victorville, CAView
442-244Oceanside, CAView
442-245Vista, CAView
442-246Morongo Valley, CAView
442-247California City, CAView
442-248Escondido, CAView
442-250Calexico, CAView
442-252Calexico, CAView
442-253Calipatria, CAView
442-254Fallbrook, CAView
442-255Victorville, CAView
442-256Indio, CAView
442-257Escondido, CAView
442-258El Centro, CAView
442-260Desert Hot Springs, CAView
442-261Shoshone, CAView
442-262Oceanside, CAView
442-263Pauma Valley, CAView
442-264Oceanside, CAView
442-265El Centro, CAView
442-266Oceanside, CAView
442-268Palm Springs, CAView
442-269Joshua Tree, CAView
442-271El Centro, CAView
442-272Inyokern, CAView
442-273Vista, CAView
442-274Palm Desert, CAView
442-275Palm Springs, CAView
442-278Valley Center, CAView
442-281Escondido, CAView
442-282Palm Desert, CAView
442-283El Centro, CAView
442-284Victorville, CAView
442-285California City, CAView
442-286Escondido, CAView
442-287Oceanside, CAView
442-291Vista, CAView
442-294Ridgecrest, CAView
442-295Barstow, CAView
442-297El Centro, CAView
442-298Trona, CAView
442-300Indio, CAView
442-301June Lake, CAView
442-324Indio, CAView
442-325Oceanside, CAView
442-326Independence, CAView
442-327Victorville, CAView
442-333Oceanside, CAView
442-334Palm Desert, CAView
442-345Holtville, CAView
442-347Barstow, CAView
442-400Indio, CAView
442-444Fallbrook, CAView
442-456El Centro, CAView
442-465Ocotillo, CAView
442-500Oceanside, CAView
442-515San Marcos, CAView
442-615Oceanside, CAView
442-666Palm Desert, CAView
442-730Victorville, CAView
442-777Escondido, CAView
442-888Oceanside, CAView
442-900Ocotillo, CAView
442-999Escondido, CAView