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Are you looking for a number that starts with 319? Start your search by entering the complete phone number above. Popular cities in this area code include Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Waterloo and Burlington.

Area Code 319 Listing - (IA)

Caller Number Caller Area Phone List
319-200Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-201Mount Pleasant, IAView
319-202Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-203Swisher, IAView
319-204Mount Pleasant, IAView
319-205Mount Vernon, IAView
319-206Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-208Burlington, IAView
319-209Burlington, IAView
319-210Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-212Columbus Junction, IAView
319-213Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-214Vinton, IAView
319-215Waterloo, IAView
319-217Mount Pleasant, IAView
319-219Mount Pleasant, IAView
319-220Central City, IAView
319-221Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-222Cedar Falls, IAView
319-223Newhall, IAView
319-224Troy Mills, IAView
319-225Amana, IAView
319-226Waterloo, IAView
319-227Norway, IAView
319-228Van Horne, IAView
319-229Waterloo, IAView
319-230Waterloo, IAView
319-231Waterloo, IAView
319-232Waterloo, IAView
319-233Waterloo, IAView
319-234Waterloo, IAView
319-235Waterloo, IAView
319-236Waterloo, IAView
319-237Burlington, IAView
319-238Oelwein, IAView
319-239Waterloo, IAView
319-240Waterloo, IAView
319-241Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-242Cedar Falls, IAView
319-243Cedar Falls, IAView
319-244Ely, IAView
319-245Grundy Center, IAView
319-246Fort Madison, IAView
319-247Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-248Iowa City, IAView
319-249Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-250Fort Madison, IAView
319-251Anamosa, IAView
319-252Waterloo, IAView
319-253Hillsboro, IAView
319-254Olds, IAView
319-255Columbus Junction, IAView
319-256Wayland, IAView
319-257Winfield, IAView
319-258Salem, IAView
319-259Iowa City, IAView
319-260Cedar Falls, IAView
319-261Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-262Kalona, IAView
319-263Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-264Oelwein, IAView
319-265Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-266Cedar Falls, IAView
319-267Allison, IAView
319-268Cedar Falls, IAView
319-269Waterloo, IAView
319-270Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-271Independence, IAView
319-272Waterloo, IAView
319-273Cedar Falls, IAView
319-274Waterloo, IAView
319-275Frederika, IAView
319-276Plainfield, IAView
319-277Cedar Falls, IAView
319-278Clarksville, IAView
319-279Readlyn, IAView
319-281Hudson, IAView
319-282North English, IAView
319-283Oelwein, IAView
319-284Oelwein, IAView
319-286Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-287Waterloo, IAView
319-288Keosauqua, IAView
319-290Waterloo, IAView
319-291Waterloo, IAView
319-292Waterloo, IAView
319-293Keosauqua, IAView
319-294Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-295Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-296Waterloo, IAView
319-297Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-298Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-299Belle Plaine, IAView
319-310Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-312Dysart, IAView
319-313Keokuk, IAView
319-316Fort Madison, IAView
319-318Vinton, IAView
319-320Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-321Iowa City, IAView
319-322Norway, IAView
319-325Iowa City, IAView
319-327Independence, IAView
319-328Newhall, IAView
319-329Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-330Iowa City, IAView
319-331Iowa City, IAView
319-332Independence, IAView
319-333Iowa City, IAView
319-334Independence, IAView
319-335Iowa City, IAView
319-336Hills, IAView
319-337Iowa City, IAView
319-338Iowa City, IAView
319-339Iowa City, IAView
319-341Iowa City, IAView
319-342La Porte City, IAView
319-343Center Point, IAView
319-344Columbus Junction, IAView
319-345Reinbeck, IAView
319-346Parkersburg, IAView
319-347Aplington, IAView
319-349Waterloo, IAView
319-350Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-351Iowa City, IAView
319-352Waverly, IAView
319-353Iowa City, IAView
319-354Iowa City, IAView
319-355Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-356Iowa City, IAView
319-357Fairfax, IAView
319-358Iowa City, IAView
319-359Iowa City, IAView
319-360Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-361Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-362Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-363Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-364Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-365Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-366Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-367New London, IAView
319-368Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-369Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-371Fort Madison, IAView
319-372Fort Madison, IAView
319-373Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-375Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-376Fort Madison, IAView
319-377Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-378Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-382Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-383Iowa City, IAView
319-384Iowa City, IAView
319-385Mount Pleasant, IAView
319-389Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-390Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-392Danville, IAView
319-393Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-394Mediapolis, IAView
319-395Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-396Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-397Cantril, IAView
319-398Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-399Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-400Iowa City, IAView
319-404Waterloo, IAView
319-406Denver, IAView
319-408Lisbon, IAView
319-409Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-415Waterloo, IAView
319-421Shell Rock, IAView
319-423Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-425Anamosa, IAView
319-427Waterloo, IAView
319-429Waterloo, IAView
319-430Iowa City, IAView
319-431Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-432Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-433Waterloo, IAView
319-434Belle Plaine, IAView
319-435Coggon, IAView
319-436Shellsburg, IAView
319-437Prairieburg, IAView
319-438Central City, IAView
319-439Elberon, IAView
319-440Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-442Keystone, IAView
319-443Urbana, IAView
319-444Belle Plaine, IAView
319-445Reinbeck, IAView
319-446Atkins, IAView
319-447Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-448Walker, IAView
319-449Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-450Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-453Shellsburg, IAView
319-454Blairstown, IAView
319-455Lisbon, IAView
319-456Richland, IAView
319-457Burlington, IAView
319-458Washington, IAView
319-459North Liberty, IAView
319-460Washington, IAView
319-461Washington, IAView
319-462Anamosa, IAView
319-463Montrose, IAView
319-464Waterloo, IAView
319-465Monticello, IAView
319-466Iowa City, IAView
319-467Iowa City, IAView
319-469Houghton, IAView
319-470Fort Madison, IAView
319-471Iowa City, IAView
319-472Vinton, IAView
319-473Keokuk, IAView
319-474Brandon, IAView
319-475Mount Auburn, IAView
319-476Dysart, IAView
319-477Garrison, IAView
319-478Traer, IAView
319-479Clutier, IAView
319-480Anamosa, IAView
319-481Anamosa, IAView
319-482Martelle, IAView
319-483Waverly, IAView
319-484Olin, IAView
319-486Waterloo, IAView
319-488Keystone, IAView
319-489Morley, IAView
319-490Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-491Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-493Waterloo, IAView
319-494Mount Sterling, IAView
319-495La Porte City, IAView
319-498Birmingham, IAView
319-499Iowa City, IAView
319-504Waterloo, IAView
319-505Waterloo, IAView
319-509Oelwein, IAView
319-512Iowa City, IAView
319-519Iowa City, IAView
319-520Keokuk, IAView
319-521Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-523Wapello, IAView
319-524Keokuk, IAView
319-525Hartwick, IAView
319-526Keokuk, IAView
319-527Wapello, IAView
319-528Denmark, IAView
319-529Waterloo, IAView
319-530Iowa City, IAView
319-531Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-533Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-534Danville, IAView
319-535Mount Vernon, IAView
319-536Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-537Mount Pleasant, IAView
319-538Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-540Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-541Iowa City, IAView
319-543Solon, IAView
319-545Tiffin, IAView
319-548Washington, IAView
319-549Olds, IAView
319-550Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-551Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-552Mount Pleasant, IAView
319-553Cedar Falls, IAView
319-558Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-559Waverly, IAView
319-560Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-561Fort Madison, IAView
319-569Iowa City, IAView
319-572Burlington, IAView
319-573Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-575Cedar Falls, IAView
319-576Burlington, IAView
319-578Swisher, IAView
319-585Hazleton, IAView
319-589Alburnett, IAView
319-591Washington, IAView
319-592Bonaparte, IAView
319-594Iowa City, IAView
319-596Waverly, IAView
319-598Washington, IAView
319-601Burlington, IAView
319-609Aurora, IAView
319-610Waterloo, IAView
319-614Packwood, IAView
319-621Iowa City, IAView
319-622Amana, IAView
319-623Ladora, IAView
319-624Solon, IAView
319-625North Liberty, IAView
319-626North Liberty, IAView
319-627West Liberty, IAView
319-628Oxford, IAView
319-629Lone Tree, IAView
319-631Iowa City, IAView
319-632North Liberty, IAView
319-633Lone Tree, IAView
319-634Aurora, IAView
319-635Fairbank, IAView
319-636Hazleton, IAView
319-638Oran, IAView
319-640Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-642Marengo, IAView
319-643West Branch, IAView
319-644Solon, IAView
319-645Tiffin, IAView
319-646Wellman, IAView
319-647Victor, IAView
319-648Riverside, IAView
319-651Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-652Traer, IAView
319-653Washington, IAView
319-654Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-655Millersburg, IAView
319-656Kalona, IAView
319-657Ainsworth, IAView
319-658Crawfordsville, IAView
319-660Williamsburg, IAView
319-661Williamsburg, IAView
319-662Conroy, IAView
319-664North English, IAView
319-665North Liberty, IAView
319-667South English, IAView
319-668Williamsburg, IAView
319-669Fort Madison, IAView
319-670Keokuk, IAView
319-671Burlington, IAView
319-674Wellman, IAView
319-677Keosauqua, IAView
319-678Iowa City, IAView
319-679Hills, IAView
319-685Guernsey, IAView
319-688Iowa City, IAView
319-693Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-694Brighton, IAView
319-695Packwood, IAView
319-696Lockridge, IAView
319-698West Chester, IAView
319-699Allison, IAView
319-709Winthrop, IAView
319-720Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-721Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-722Williamsburg, IAView
319-723Nichols, IAView
319-725Conesville, IAView
319-726Letts, IAView
319-727Coggon, IAView
319-728Columbus Junction, IAView
319-729Grandview, IAView
319-730Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-731Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-734Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-738Keswick, IAView
319-739Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-741Marengo, IAView
319-743Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-745West Liberty, IAView
319-750Burlington, IAView
319-752Burlington, IAView
319-753Burlington, IAView
319-754Burlington, IAView
319-758Burlington, IAView
319-759Burlington, IAView
319-766Oakville, IAView
319-768Burlington, IAView
319-774Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-775Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-777Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-779Kalona, IAView
319-784Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-786Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-788Reinbeck, IAView
319-789Washington, IAView
319-790Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-795Keokuk, IAView
319-796Stockport, IAView
319-799Atkins, IAView
319-800Iowa City, IAView
319-804Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-820Monticello, IAView
319-821Anamosa, IAView
319-822Dunkerton, IAView
319-823Grundy Center, IAView
319-824Grundy Center, IAView
319-825Grundy Center, IAView
319-826Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-827Jesup, IAView
319-828Oxford, IAView
319-830Waterloo, IAView
319-832Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-833Waterloo, IAView
319-834Iowa City, IAView
319-835Donnellson, IAView
319-837West Point, IAView
319-838Argyle, IAView
319-841Ely, IAView
319-842Alburnett, IAView
319-844Monticello, IAView
319-845Fairfax, IAView
319-846Fairfax, IAView
319-848Ely, IAView
319-849Center Point, IAView
319-850Burlington, IAView
319-851Palo, IAView
319-853North Liberty, IAView
319-854Springville, IAView
319-855Iowa City, IAView
319-857Swisher, IAView
319-859Cedar Falls, IAView
319-861Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-862Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-863Washington, IAView
319-865Mount Union, IAView
319-866Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-868Morning Sun, IAView
319-874Waterloo, IAView
319-877West Branch, IAView
319-878Farmington, IAView
319-881Wapello, IAView
319-882Tripoli, IAView
319-883Waterloo, IAView
319-884Aplington, IAView
319-885Shell Rock, IAView
319-887Iowa City, IAView
319-888Waterloo, IAView
319-892Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-895Mount Vernon, IAView
319-896Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-899Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-929Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-930Iowa City, IAView
319-931Mount Pleasant, IAView
319-934Quasqueton, IAView
319-935Winthrop, IAView
319-936Iowa City, IAView
319-938Rowley, IAView
319-939Waterloo, IAView
319-961Waterloo, IAView
319-975Anamosa, IAView
319-981Cedar Rapids, IAView
319-983Parkersburg, IAView
319-984Denver, IAView
319-986Mount Pleasant, IAView
319-987Janesville, IAView
319-988Hudson, IAView
319-989Parkersburg, IAView
319-999Cedar Rapids, IAView