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Are you looking for a number that starts with 252? Start your search by entering the complete phone number above. Popular cities in this area code include Greenville, Rocky Mount, Wilson and New Bern.

Area Code 252 Listing - (NC)

Caller Number Caller Area Phone List
252-200Rocky Mount, NCView
252-201Bayboro, NCView
252-202Coinjock, NCView
252-203Roanoke Rapids, NCView
252-204Norlina, NCView
252-205Wilson, NCView
252-206Wilson, NCView
252-207Coinjock, NCView
252-208Kinston, NCView
252-209Ahoskie, NCView
252-210Rocky Mount, NCView
252-212Rocky Mount, NCView
252-213Henderson, NCView
252-214Greenville, NCView
252-215Greenville, NCView
252-216Manteo, NCView
252-217Williamston, NCView
252-218Wilson, NCView
252-219Roanoke Rapids, NCView
252-220Nashville, NCView
252-222Morehead City, NCView
252-223Newport, NCView
252-224Pollocksville, NCView
252-225Atlantic, NCView
252-226Henderson, NCView
252-227Greenville, NCView
252-228Farmville, NCView
252-229New Bern, NCView
252-230Wilson, NCView
252-231Rocky Mount, NCView
252-232Moyock, NCView
252-233Kinston, NCView
252-234Wilson, NCView
252-235Bailey, NCView
252-236Elm City, NCView
252-237Wilson, NCView
252-238Stantonsburg, NCView
252-239Lucama, NCView
252-240Morehead City, NCView
252-241Morehead City, NCView
252-243Wilson, NCView
252-244Vanceboro, NCView
252-245Elm City, NCView
252-246Wilson, NCView
252-247Morehead City, NCView
252-248Beaufort, NCView
252-249Oriental, NCView
252-251Pinetops, NCView
252-253Grifton, NCView
252-255Kill Devil Hills, NCView
252-256Kill Devil Hills, NCView
252-257Warrenton, NCView
252-258Greenville, NCView
252-259New Bern, NCView
252-260Moyock, NCView
252-261Kill Devil Hills, NCView
252-265Wilson, NCView
252-266Rocky Mount, NCView
252-267Elizabeth City, NCView
252-268Kinston, NCView
252-269Morehead City, NCView
252-271Williamston, NCView
252-272Fountain, NCView
252-273Swanquarter, NCView
252-274Washington, NCView
252-275Greenville, NCView
252-276New Bern, NCView
252-277Kinston, NCView
252-278Morehead City, NCView
252-279Aulander, NCView
252-280Roanoke Rapids, NCView
252-281Wilson, NCView
252-282Kinston, NCView
252-283Washington, NCView
252-284Robersonville, NCView
252-285Elm City, NCView
252-286Kinston, NCView
252-287Ahoskie, NCView
252-288New Bern, NCView
252-289Wilson, NCView
252-290Wilson, NCView
252-291Wilson, NCView
252-292Wilson, NCView
252-293Wilson, NCView
252-294Wilson, NCView
252-295Greenville, NCView
252-296Wilson, NCView
252-298Rocky Mount, NCView
252-299Wilson, NCView
252-301Ahoskie, NCView
252-302Moyock, NCView
252-303Spring Hope, NCView
252-304Ayden, NCView
252-305Manteo, NCView
252-307Lucama, NCView
252-308Roanoke Rapids, NCView
252-309Elm City, NCView
252-310Gatesville, NCView
252-312Elizabeth City, NCView
252-313Warrenton, NCView
252-314Rocky Mount, NCView
252-315Wilson, NCView
252-316Rocky Mount, NCView
252-317Greenville, NCView
252-318Ayden, NCView
252-319Murfreesboro, NCView
252-320Greenville, NCView
252-321Greenville, NCView
252-322Aurora, NCView
252-323La Grange, NCView
252-325Windsor, NCView
252-326Roanoke Rapids, NCView
252-327Greenville, NCView
252-328Greenville, NCView
252-329Greenville, NCView
252-331Elizabeth City, NCView
252-332Ahoskie, NCView
252-333Elizabeth City, NCView
252-334Elizabeth City, NCView
252-335Elizabeth City, NCView
252-336Shiloh, NCView
252-337Elizabeth City, NCView
252-338Elizabeth City, NCView
252-339Elizabeth City, NCView
252-340Elizabeth City, NCView
252-341Greenville, NCView
252-342Morehead City, NCView
252-343Rocky Mount, NCView
252-344Roxobel, NCView
252-345Aulander, NCView
252-346Aulander, NCView
252-347Greenville, NCView
252-349New Bern, NCView
252-351Greenville, NCView
252-352Swanquarter, NCView
252-353Greenville, NCView
252-355Greenville, NCView
252-356Colerain, NCView
252-357Gatesville, NCView
252-358Winton, NCView
252-359Washington, NCView
252-360Wilson, NCView
252-361Kinston, NCView
252-362Washington, NCView
252-363Wilson, NCView
252-364Greenville, NCView
252-365Roanoke Rapids, NCView
252-366Rocky Mount, NCView
252-367Greenville, NCView
252-368Edenton, NCView
252-370Ahoskie, NCView
252-371Wilson, NCView
252-373Wilson, NCView
252-375Greenville, NCView
252-376Woodland, NCView
252-377Aulander, NCView
252-378Greenville, NCView
252-379Creswell, NCView
252-382Rocky Mount, NCView
252-383Greenville, NCView
252-384Elizabeth City, NCView
252-385Engelhard, NCView
252-386Aulander, NCView
252-387Conway, NCView
252-388Enfield, NCView
252-389Columbia, NCView
252-391Whitakers, NCView
252-392Aurora, NCView
252-394Columbia, NCView
252-395Murfreesboro, NCView
252-396Murfreesboro, NCView
252-397Trenton, NCView
252-398Murfreesboro, NCView
252-399Wilson, NCView
252-402Washington, NCView
252-403New Bern, NCView
252-404Hertford, NCView
252-405Warrenton, NCView
252-406Rocky Mount, NCView
252-407Rocky Mount, NCView
252-409Stantonsburg, NCView
252-410Roanoke Rapids, NCView
252-412Greenville, NCView
252-413Greenville, NCView
252-414Greenville, NCView
252-416Vanceboro, NCView
252-418Marshallberg, NCView
252-419Bailey, NCView
252-421Coinjock, NCView
252-422Newport, NCView
252-423Manteo, NCView
252-425Henderson, NCView
252-426Hertford, NCView
252-427Winton, NCView
252-428Rocky Mount, NCView
252-429Knotts Island, NCView
252-430Henderson, NCView
252-431Henderson, NCView
252-432Henderson, NCView
252-433Henderson, NCView
252-434Henderson, NCView
252-435Moyock, NCView
252-436Henderson, NCView
252-437Whitakers, NCView
252-438Henderson, NCView
252-439Greenville, NCView
252-441Kill Devil Hills, NCView
252-442Rocky Mount, NCView
252-443Rocky Mount, NCView
252-444Havelock, NCView
252-445Enfield, NCView
252-446Rocky Mount, NCView
252-447Havelock, NCView
252-448Trenton, NCView
252-449Kill Devil Hills, NCView
252-450Rocky Mount, NCView
252-451Rocky Mount, NCView
252-452Rocky Mount, NCView
252-453Coinjock, NCView
252-454Rocky Mount, NCView
252-455Coinjock, NCView
252-456Norlina, NCView
252-457Coinjock, NCView
252-458Rocky Mount, NCView
252-459Nashville, NCView
252-460Pollocksville, NCView
252-462Nashville, NCView
252-463Havelock, NCView
252-464Havelock, NCView
252-465Sunbury, NCView
252-466Havelock, NCView
252-467Rocky Mount, NCView
252-468Kinston, NCView
252-469Rocky Mount, NCView
252-471Elizabeth City, NCView
252-472Kill Devil Hills, NCView
252-473Manteo, NCView
252-474New Bern, NCView
252-475Manteo, NCView
252-477Spring Hope, NCView
252-478Spring Hope, NCView
252-480Kill Devil Hills, NCView
252-481Greenville, NCView
252-482Edenton, NCView
252-484Windsor, NCView
252-485Trenton, NCView
252-486Halifax, NCView
252-487Rocky Mount, NCView
252-488Roanoke Rapids, NCView
252-489Kill Devil Hills, NCView
252-492Henderson, NCView
252-493Greenville, NCView
252-494Belhaven, NCView
252-495Washington, NCView
252-497New Bern, NCView
252-498Wilson, NCView
252-499Morehead City, NCView
252-500Scotland Neck, NCView
252-501Aurora, NCView
252-504Beaufort, NCView
252-505Plymouth, NCView
252-506Gatesville, NCView
252-507Roanoke Rapids, NCView
252-508Williamston, NCView
252-509Windsor, NCView
252-512Rich Square, NCView
252-513Ahoskie, NCView
252-514New Bern, NCView
252-515Morehead City, NCView
252-516Pink Hill, NCView
252-517Warrenton, NCView
252-518Ahoskie, NCView
252-519Roanoke Rapids, NCView
252-520Kinston, NCView
252-521Kinston, NCView
252-522Kinston, NCView
252-523Kinston, NCView
252-524Grifton, NCView
252-525Kinston, NCView
252-526Kinston, NCView
252-527Kinston, NCView
252-528Beaufort, NCView
252-529Roanoke Rapids, NCView
252-531Greenville, NCView
252-532Roanoke Rapids, NCView
252-533Roanoke Rapids, NCView
252-534Jackson, NCView
252-535Roanoke Rapids, NCView
252-536Weldon, NCView
252-537Roanoke Rapids, NCView
252-538Weldon, NCView
252-539Rich Square, NCView
252-541Roanoke Rapids, NCView
252-542Engelhard, NCView
252-543Snow Hill, NCView
252-544Rocky Mount, NCView
252-545Rocky Mount, NCView
252-547Engelhard, NCView
252-548Elizabeth City, NCView
252-549Kinston, NCView
252-550Pink Hill, NCView
252-551Greenville, NCView
252-557Rocky Mount, NCView
252-558Greenville, NCView
252-559Kinston, NCView
252-560Kinston, NCView
252-561Greenville, NCView
252-562Elizabeth City, NCView
252-563Tarboro, NCView
252-564Kill Devil Hills, NCView
252-565Greenville, NCView
252-566La Grange, NCView
252-567Rocky Mount, NCView
252-568Pink Hill, NCView
252-571New Bern, NCView
252-572Henderson, NCView
252-573Kill Devil Hills, NCView
252-574Jackson, NCView
252-575Wilson, NCView
252-577New Bern, NCView
252-578Weldon, NCView
252-579Plymouth, NCView
252-581Kill Devil Hills, NCView
252-582La Grange, NCView
252-583Halifax, NCView
252-585Conway, NCView
252-586Littleton, NCView
252-587Woodland, NCView
252-588Ocracoke, NCView
252-589Seaboard, NCView
252-590Henderson, NCView
252-591Whitakers, NCView
252-592Enfield, NCView
252-593Halifax, NCView
252-594Aulander, NCView
252-595Conway, NCView
252-596Kill Devil Hills, NCView
252-597Coinjock, NCView
252-598Henderson, NCView
252-599Coinjock, NCView
252-601Williamston, NCView
252-602Gatesville, NCView
252-603New Bern, NCView
252-604Rocky Mount, NCView
252-605Morehead City, NCView
252-606Greenville, NCView
252-607Kinston, NCView
252-608Roanoke Rapids, NCView
252-609Havelock, NCView
252-610Washington, NCView
252-613Wilson, NCView
252-614Ahoskie, NCView
252-615Windsor, NCView
252-616Plymouth, NCView
252-617New Bern, NCView
252-618Tarboro, NCView
252-619Coinjock, NCView
252-620Kill Devil Hills, NCView
252-621Elizabeth City, NCView
252-622Morehead City, NCView
252-623Washington, NCView
252-624Kinston, NCView
252-626New Bern, NCView
252-627Elm City, NCView
252-628Hamilton, NCView
252-629Littleton, NCView
252-631New Bern, NCView
252-632Edenton, NCView
252-633New Bern, NCView
252-634New Bern, NCView
252-635New Bern, NCView
252-636New Bern, NCView
252-637New Bern, NCView
252-638New Bern, NCView
252-639New Bern, NCView
252-640Wilson, NCView
252-641Tarboro, NCView
252-642Ahoskie, NCView
252-643Kinston, NCView
252-644Washington, NCView
252-646Morehead City, NCView
252-648Morehead City, NCView
252-649New Bern, NCView
252-650Elm City, NCView
252-651Hamilton, NCView
252-652Havelock, NCView
252-653Snow Hill, NCView
252-654Henderson, NCView
252-655Columbia, NCView
252-656Atlantic, NCView
252-657Henderson, NCView
252-658New Bern, NCView
252-659Morehead City, NCView
252-661Williamston, NCView
252-662Vanceboro, NCView
252-665Havelock, NCView
252-668Wilson, NCView
252-670New Bern, NCView
252-671New Bern, NCView
252-672New Bern, NCView
252-673Roanoke Rapids, NCView
252-674Wilson, NCView
252-675New Bern, NCView
252-676Roanoke Rapids, NCView
252-677Nashville, NCView
252-678Weldon, NCView
252-679Elizabeth City, NCView
252-680Fountain, NCView
252-685Robersonville, NCView
252-686Kinston, NCView
252-689Greenville, NCView
252-692Bayboro, NCView
252-695Greenville, NCView
252-696Scotland Neck, NCView
252-698Elizabeth City, NCView
252-699Oriental, NCView
252-701Norlina, NCView
252-702Greenville, NCView
252-705Jackson, NCView
252-706Columbia, NCView
252-707Greenville, NCView
252-708Warrenton, NCView
252-712Ayden, NCView
252-713Colerain, NCView
252-714Greenville, NCView
252-715Kill Devil Hills, NCView
252-717Greenville, NCView
252-720Havelock, NCView
252-721Washington, NCView
252-722Coinjock, NCView
252-723Morehead City, NCView
252-724Windsor, NCView
252-725Morehead City, NCView
252-726Morehead City, NCView
252-727Morehead City, NCView
252-728Beaufort, NCView
252-729Marshallberg, NCView
252-732Beaufort, NCView
252-733Havelock, NCView
252-737Greenville, NCView
252-738Henderson, NCView
252-739Henderson, NCView
252-741Plymouth, NCView
252-744Greenville, NCView
252-745Bayboro, NCView
252-746Ayden, NCView
252-747Snow Hill, NCView
252-748Rocky Mount, NCView
252-749Fountain, NCView
252-751Greenville, NCView
252-752Greenville, NCView
252-753Farmville, NCView
252-754Greenville, NCView
252-755Pinetops, NCView
252-756Greenville, NCView
252-757Greenville, NCView
252-758Greenville, NCView
252-762Henderson, NCView
252-765Bath, NCView
252-766Columbia, NCView
252-767Henderson, NCView
252-770Morehead City, NCView
252-771South Mills, NCView
252-772New Bern, NCView
252-773Morehead City, NCView
252-774Tarboro, NCView
252-775Kinston, NCView
252-776Littleton, NCView
252-777Newport, NCView
252-787Farmville, NCView
252-789Williamston, NCView
252-791Plymouth, NCView
252-792Williamston, NCView
252-793Plymouth, NCView
252-794Windsor, NCView
252-795Robersonville, NCView
252-796Columbia, NCView
252-797Creswell, NCView
252-798Hamilton, NCView
252-799Williamston, NCView
252-801Rocky Mount, NCView
252-802Williamston, NCView
252-805Stantonsburg, NCView
252-806La Grange, NCView
252-808Morehead City, NCView
252-809Williamston, NCView
252-813Rocky Mount, NCView
252-814Greenville, NCView
252-816Greenville, NCView
252-818Bethel, NCView
252-820Norlina, NCView
252-822Rocky Mount, NCView
252-823Tarboro, NCView
252-824Tarboro, NCView
252-825Bethel, NCView
252-826Scotland Neck, NCView
252-827Pinetops, NCView
252-830Greenville, NCView
252-833Washington, NCView
252-838Beaufort, NCView
252-844Marshallberg, NCView
252-847Greenville, NCView
252-848Pinetops, NCView
252-858Seaboard, NCView
252-862Ahoskie, NCView
252-864Greenville, NCView
252-876New Bern, NCView
252-879Warrenton, NCView
252-881Roxobel, NCView
252-883Rocky Mount, NCView
252-885Rocky Mount, NCView
252-886Rocky Mount, NCView
252-888Rocky Mount, NCView
252-902Greenville, NCView
252-903Rocky Mount, NCView
252-904Rocky Mount, NCView
252-907Rocky Mount, NCView
252-908Rocky Mount, NCView
252-915Henderson, NCView
252-916Greenville, NCView
252-917Greenville, NCView
252-920Warrenton, NCView
252-921Ocracoke, NCView
252-922South Mills, NCView
252-923Bath, NCView
252-924Engelhard, NCView
252-925Engelhard, NCView
252-926Swanquarter, NCView
252-927Pinetown, NCView
252-928Ocracoke, NCView
252-931Greenville, NCView
252-933Kinston, NCView
252-937Rocky Mount, NCView
252-939Kinston, NCView
252-940Washington, NCView
252-943Belhaven, NCView
252-944Belhaven, NCView
252-945Belhaven, NCView
252-946Washington, NCView
252-947Washington, NCView
252-948Washington, NCView
252-955Rocky Mount, NCView
252-962Rocky Mount, NCView
252-966Bailey, NCView
252-969Rocky Mount, NCView
252-972Rocky Mount, NCView
252-973Rocky Mount, NCView
252-974Washington, NCView
252-975Washington, NCView
252-977Rocky Mount, NCView
252-978Rocky Mount, NCView
252-979Jackson, NCView
252-982Kill Devil Hills, NCView
252-984Rocky Mount, NCView
252-985Rocky Mount, NCView
252-986Buxton, NCView
252-987Waves, NCView
252-991Wilson, NCView
252-995Buxton, NCView
252-996Buxton, NCView